リリース v1.6.0

リリース v1.6.0


  • rancher/server:v1.6.0
  • rancher/agent:v1.2.2
  • rancher/lb-service-proxy:v0.7.1
  • rancher-v0.6.0
  • rancher-compose-v0.12.5


  • Docker 1.10.3
  • Docker 1.12.3-1.12.6
  • Docker 1.13.1 (Kubenetesのサポートなし)
  • Docker 17.03.0-ce(Kubenetesのサポートなし)
  • Docker 17.03.0-ee(Kubenetesのサポートなし)


Rancherサーバーには2種類のタグがあります。 いずれのメジャーリリースタグにおいても、個々のバージョンに向けたドキュメントを提供します。

  • rancher/server:latestタグ 最新の開発中ビルドを提供するタグです。これらのビルドはCIの自動化フレームワークを使って検証済みです。これらのリリースは本番環境へのデプロイを意味していません。
  • rancher/server:stableタグ 最新のリリースビルドのタグです。本番環境にデプロイする際は本タグを利用することを推奨します。


Beta - v1.6.0 - rancher/server:latest

Stable - v1.5.9 - rancher/server:stable


  • HAProxyにおけるデータボリュームを経由したSSL証明書の読み込みサポート[#7520] - Rancherで本バージョンからSSL証明書を含んだデータボリュームをHAProxyのLBサービスに設定できるようになりました。 これによって定常的に変更される証明書をHAProxyにアップロードすることへの代替手段が提供されました。 また、複数の証明書設定をHAProxyのLBサービスでサポートすることが可能になりました。
  • LDAP/ADにおける複数のグループに基づく検索のサポート[#8157][#8112] - 異なる検索ベース(search bases)を経由したユーザ、グループの検索できるようLDAPを設定することができるようになりました。
  • Rancher EBSボリュームのサポート[#8295], [#8618], [#7599] - Rancher EBSボリュームがGAになりました。ホストにコンテナが移動される際、アベイラビリティゾーンを意識できるようRancherのスケジューラ機能が強化されました。EBSは各種ボリュームタイプやIOPS指定有無(訳注:原文中ではIOSとなっていますがIOPSのtypoと思われます)、暗号化の有無やksmkeyIdやスナップショットIDなどの追加オプションを用いた場合でも利用することが可能です。
  • Rancher secretのcomposeにおけるサポート[#8016],[#8025] - Rancher CLIでcomposeファイルを用いたsecretsの生成が可能になりました。過去のバージョンのrancher-compose CLIには本機能は存在しないことに留意してください。全ての新しい機能は新しいRancher CLIツールでしか開発されず、過去のバージョンのRancher CLIへの取り込みは行われません。




  • Fixed an issue where k8s certs were stale and causing k8s addons such as Dashboard UI to fail to launch [#8613]
  • Rancher now supports k8s daemon sets on hosts dedicated to orchestration and etcd [#8397]
  • Fixed an issue where large labels on stateful sets would cause k8s would cause Rancher DB to throw exceptions [#8168]
  • Fixed an issue where Centos 7.3 networking was not working [#6111], [#8496]
  • Rancher now supports the ability to have SELinux enabled hosts for cattle and k8s with some additional kernel modules [#8071]
  • Fixed an issue with LDAP/AD or OpenLDAP would no longer function if Rancher loses connection with the AD server [#8513], [#8270]
  • Fixed an issue where alpine linux containers does not work with internal DNS on k8s [#8588]
  • Fixed an issue where services/containers are not properly failing over if all hosts become disconnected and new ones are added [#8416]
  • Fixed an issue where SSL certs in HAProxy were not being properly cleaned up [#8161]
  • Fixed an issue where custom LB backend configurations can corrupt the haproxy config if the backend does not have any servers available [#8424]
  • Rancher now supports self-signed certs for the Route53 external dns service [#8284]
  • Fixed an issue where a race condition during volume creation can cause it to fail. [#8357]
  • Fixed an issue where re-using the same volume name would cause services to fail to launch [#8607]
  • Fixed an issue where rancher-ebs volumes are not created as an empty volume [#8465]
  • Fixed an issue where hard anti-affinity rules are not being honored with sidekicks present [#8070]
  • Fixed an issue where the German language does not work for the delete modals in the UI [#8489],[#8113]
  • Fixed an issue where the UI would not display the environment management UI if the Community and Rancher catalogs are disabled [#8461]
  • Fixed an issue where the UI would error when switching from the detail page of a lb service to a non-lb service [#8460]
  • Rancher now supports t2.large and t2.2xlarge in the aws add host screen [#8239]
  • Fixed an issue where a bad catalog URL would cause all catalogs to fail to display [#8030]
  • Fixed an issue where Rancher DNS does not properly randomized the list of IP assigned to it [#7990]
  • Rancher now supports Azure in Germany, China, and the US Government [#7964]
  • Fixed an issue where containers created via compose outside of Rancher does not show up as unmanaged containers in Rancher [#7941],[#7916]
  • Fixed an issue where CPU/Memory resources are not freed up until the containers are purged [#7933]
  • Fixed an issue LDAP can fail due to a NullPointerException [#7824]
  • Fixed an issue where services could be stuck in “stopping” state while others could remain in “running” states when being removed [#7640]
  • Fixed an issue where you can change the scale of global services via the API [#7630]
  • Fixed an issue where jsession tokens are not being invalidated after they timeout or the user explicitly logs out [#7581]
  • Fixed an issue where upgrades of services would fail if you add a new scheduler rule to would force containers to be launched on a different host than original [#7380]
  • Fixed an issue where –pull does not pull the latest image from registry [#7209]
  • Fixed an issue where webproxy does not start if “edns0” or single-request-reopen” are present in resolv.conf [#6487]
  • Rancher now supports the disabling of Custom Host option in Add Host screen in the UI [#5124]

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